For all of those who are shivering

Body Heat

There is no substitute,
And no exception to the rule,
What do you feel is cold?,
The body, the soul or the heart?,
I just hope this is an attempt to cure them all,

Around this time they hibernate,
Around this time we mourn and long,
Like all seasons for the ones to come home,
And replace the void in our hearts,
That we just can't live without,
Cold is year-round when you feel alone,
Even a glance from a stranger,
Can start a flicker to a flame,

A touch of clumsy hands,
Can melt even the lost of souls,
That feel that they were lost, robbed,
Or misunderstood,
It can be in a bar, usually,
That why some go there,
It is hopefully in an innocent surrounding,
Like a pass-by,
You can't help it,
Because you won't fight it,
Just let it flow and make it right,
And in some occasions, keep your guard,

Along with eyes,
You need no physical contact,
To heat the armor off,
Of an defensive body,
Who has been hurt before,
And would scratch before they touch,
Even the savage are afraid, at first,
Until they feel trust, accept risk again,

Sometimes the best hug,
Begins to solve the world's greatest and misunderstood problem,
Begin alone,
A hug and a sway away from a smile,
A touch and a caress away from a soothing sensation,
A taste and a kiss away from the heat,
Between me and you,
I wonder,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 701 times
Written on 2007-01-20 at 05:03

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OMG Saga
I'm shivering ((((:.))))))

Language: 5
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night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
The dancer moves and leaves a string of consciousness in my brain. . . Sharing the wisdom of the soul is what we are suppose to do. . . So thanks for sharing Saga!What a great poem!*bookmarked*It melted the snow around my house when I read it!Powerful text!

Overall: 5

Kathy Lockhart
i feel the warmth already. : )