Surely he must be the most despised man in the UK - and now he is trying to make us think that butter would not melt in his mouth. The man whose Credit card is bankrupting Great Britain. The Man who fiddled the books to make his figures look good! What a

I hate slippery slimey Gordon Brown

Now there is a man whose name your will hear
That will really make your frown
He thinks that he is Wonderful and goes by the name of Gordon Brown

He could not be more deluded with what he has done to the UK
He has ripped us off, robbed, stole, mugged and thieved
The time is coming when HE is going to have to pay!

He thinks he is so wonderful and clever and so cool
The practiced Dispatch box hand gestures make him look a fool
Not to mention his ugly face - like the rear end of a bull

He thinks that we are stupid cos he thinks we can't see what he has done
He has robbed our pensions, earnings, savings blind
And soon his time will come

He talks about democracy in Afghanistan because that is always right
He wants to take Tony's Job soon
That's succession not democracy you bloody hypo-crite!

He uses any excuse he can find to levy another rip-off tax
He now uses the environment as his latest cause
to extract the fiscal max!

Now when did he ever spend these taxes on the environment I ask
I think you will find this is just a breat big bloody lie
He is taking the cash to cover his great big Fiscal Arse.

He thinks he is a statesman - well he could not be more wrong
His lefty Tax and spend Policies are just a long line of failures
He legacy will really pong!

He delivers his lying budgets which totally conceal the real truth
He picks and selects what figures he wants to use
What he has done is really a crime and total abuse

He said he was all for Devolution
Any excuse to get a single Vote
And now he has fuelled Nationalism - the UK still as one now looks remote!

Now here is my advice Gordon - you might feel a bit mythed
Start to run you scottish lefty rip-off Merchant
And take a running jump off the Cliff!

Poetry by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 808 times
Written on 2007-01-21 at 18:56

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Exceptional exposition of your feelings.
I REALLY don't know...
Politicians have to be liars to survive.
Every chancelllor has to target middle England, (who else is there?)
Civilisation is going full circle...thank God I am in my fifties, and not just fifteen!
So enjoyed this pertinant write.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey vet me too
ill join your club
rgds mike