If you have done something idiotic to a person, and he has probably moved on, and maybe even hates you, he would still like a apology, right?? I think I need some help on this one...


I was childish, I know
I also know you're not around anymore
And that you have no reason to care

I know you think I'm fucked up
At least you have all reasons to do so
And I wouldn't blame you

I'm not crazy, not yet

I know you have moved on
And/so I do not know, since it has already been this long,
whether or not, an apology is needed

That's is why I do not yet know whether I should give you this or not
I wish I knew what you are thinking
I wish you knew what I am thinking

I want you to know
I do not expect us to be anything more than friends
I do not even expect us to be friends
I would not even be surprised if you do not want to accept my apology

Which you have not gotten yet
Which I just thought maybe it was not needed
I am stupid

Guess I just realized what I need to do?

Poetry by Ingvild
Read 542 times
Written on 2007-01-28 at 18:12

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