Waiting for you

I swung with branches
A tree without roots
Free in space
Summoning it to flight
With every day
Its crown grows
Liberated by the pressure
Of the corset of youth
They would rustle so
So loudly
Summoning its lover
Who it lives for
Who it dances for
The wild dance of nature
Among the rocky hills
Together with the wind
Playing on the waves
Melodie bursts of passion
I call You
My lover
Among the night
I call You
The hum of the wind
I call You
The scream of the storm
You would crash
There on the island
Where I wait
If you want
I will be a willow
To be able to
Wreathe You 's shoulders
So that You could hear
The melody of the bird's wings
Fluttering among the branches

If you want
I will be a rock
Where You will reach
Looking for refuge
After a long cruise
If I could
To take You in
Exposing all the caves
In which you could fall asleep
You could be a discoverer
You could wander
Over pulsating valleys and hills
You could conquer all the hilltops
You could find the roads to fiery cave
And I will feel Your every movement
You will touch me
With the sounds of music
Which you will feel in your heart
You will be the pianist
Which will play on me
The song awakening to the life
I call to You
My Dear
Standing on the rocks ,
Gazing at the Ocean
Dressed in a gown
Of gossamer and fog
And with a necklace of morning dew
You would arrive to marry me
Because I'm Your goddess
I call hopeful
That you will land on the island
Where I wait

Written by Anna Cellmer

Poetry by anna3
Read 841 times
Written on 2007-01-29 at 15:37

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Zoya Zaidi
I will be the tree,
I will be the day,
Iwill be the night,
The hard solid rock by the bay,
I will be your inspiration today,
I wil be You today!

What a lovely poem dear Anna,
full of self afacement,
love and desire to be the cause of soothing of the lover...

(((Hugs for the masterpiece)))
Love, Zoya