Pssst. . . poet and poetess!Did we forgot something important?



Today the 30th January we celebrate the birthday of a dear poetess

~ Nom (19) (Lil) her home - adress here on poetbay is:

:) Let's all wish  Happy birthday to our poetbay neighbour!!! :)

KJC took the initiative if you remember, so let's continue the tradition :)

and keep up the good spirit here on - the safe haven of poetry

here is the link to poetbays birthday list:

And I feel the need to repost this text:

As time pass by, each individual becomes
one with the force called

Our love for poetry and artistic expression
connected us.

Reading each others poems and writing comments,
made the bond between us stronger.

When a new poet or poetess, enters the circle of poets
called poetbay there is always someone who writes a
comment :welcome to

Automatically, that individual represents the collective
consciousness of poetbay :)

One dear writing friend, had the brilliant idea and found
a way to make this bond between us stronger;

By collecting our birth dates and writing a poem
about it.
She (representing the force of poetbay)
makes everyones
birthday special and full with unconditional love!

Thank you for your contribution.

I will not mention anyones name here,
cause each one of us contributes
with his or her own way.

Thank you boys and girls!

Let's keep up the good spirit here on!
Let's remain the safe haven for all poets in the www. world.
Who knows today tommorow?

What do you think?
Please do share your thoughts! I will appreciate it!

By night soul woman
Read 99 times
Written 2006-08-27 21:04

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this is a text that i really really
reallllllllly like it!!!!!!!!!! i agree
with u that we r all connect with each
other by reading each other work.We dont
know each other but do comments on each
other so i think is the best
site to share your work.
haseen whel
wEll this is very nice my dear, .I love
the way you show your feelings here!!and
yes this is the best way of sharing our
thoughts!!!Thank you so much for
You have a keen mind and a wonderful
heart, night bird. This is a wonderful
place to post poetry.
Malin Johansson
This is great :)))
Absolutley great!!!
it's the positivity and the openness and
ofcourse the gentleness of love and
devotion to keep the spirit up on
poetbay between all of us...
So lets love even more :)))
Many hugs to you :)))
well thanks Carmen this is very
thoughtful and kind of you to share
these heartfelt feelings, it is really
appreciated and embraced, of course it
is in my favourites.

The birthday idea is just being a course
to bless, warm someone's heart as it is
not about the idea but the recipatent!
Zachary P. B.
in the paraphrased words of thornton
wilder, poets see the world for what it
is, whle most live and move unknowingly
aware of their life...

we are poets, poetesses, friends,
brothers and sisters attached connected
magnetized by our perspective on the
world... we are hope words and love...
we are the future, past, present and
forever... we are friends.

wonderful write here. =)

Rob Graber
Title caught my eye--a nice sentiment!
We also sometimes "mourn" people who
leave! (See Chris Fernie's "Haiku for
Emma," and my "Haiku for Ange1a.)
I agree,
I have published my poems other places,
and the response here on the bay is
there's a reason why I keep comming back
and back again..

luuve you all,dear poets..

**hugs from Chillie**


Words by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 961 times
Written on 2007-01-30 at 00:04

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Happy birthday to Nom! :)

Best wishes and hugs,


Dan Cederholm

Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday lady!!!!sorry Im too late!!!miss you

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Thanks for this vital invaluable update! Today also happens to be the birthdays of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Olof Palme, Gene Hackman, and the beautiful Vanessa Redgrave celebrates her 70th birthday.

It also happens to be the day of the Mayerling drama in Austria and the day of Gandhi's unfortunate death, but that's less important. Anyway, a dramatic and eventful day!

Thanks again for your excellent reminder,


Phyllis J. Rhodes
Birthday blessings to you and all who might have been missed!

Zoya Zaidi
Hi Liv darling, Happy Birthday to you!
May you live long and usefully in this world,
May happiness always bow down to you,
May luck always knock at your door...

((Fond Birthday hugs))))
Love, Zoya

Happy birthday to Nom, you are a sweet soul for remembering. These days I would rather forget mine!lol

Nice tribute to remembering