You never know what you have until it's gone. One of my employee's just loss his aunt and grandmother in a car accident, and this is special tribute for him.

In a blink of an eye

All things are not owned and controlled,
By us, as we always seem to forget,
Living with thought is always better than,
Living in collection because,
It is human to blink,
And as we blink, things can change,
And so is why we must use thought,

Thought is what we use to improvise,
Is what we use to adapt,
And what we use to overcome,
These are the tools that we need,
When everything goes so wrong,

Beyond the "hero" status,
Beyond the feeling of control,
With so much pride comes with,
So much denial of loss,
And if you hold on to this belief,
It could destroy all of what you are,
Past, present and future,

"Take" is a selfish possession,
And "loss" is a safe way of saying that,
They're gone,
And this is the wrong place to play the role of "hero",
Because strength and happiness is the only solution,

One day, with no rush,
You will understand this,
But until this time has come,
My sincere aplolgies,
And all my prayers unto you, kiddo,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 581 times
Written on 2007-02-09 at 01:16

Tags Mourn 

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things happen like that. When good things come they comes like that when bad things come they also come like that. I is a very say event i pray God will give ur employee the fortitude to bear the loss. It is painful. You would now ask yourself why should God create death at all why should he allow any force or unseen creatures to inflict pain on his own people? It is very sad.

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There is only this instant that we know we are alvive ... what comes next is out of hand ... and that is a thing we live with each day ... and we sure do not use that second as best we could ...

thank you for reminding me to be more aware of it .......

best wishes Kath

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Saga, this is wisdom above most of our thinking. It takes a deep mind and pure soul to write like this.

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