A message for you, so far away, yet so close!!!

There was never a time

Every word means something,
And every response means so much more,
That it is truly bigger than the both of us,
We are devoted to the task upon us,
And yet we cherish who we are,
Through messages that fight against time, itself,

Need not I say,
"There was never a time",
That I didn't do the obvious,
As I write these words,
The phrases I hope you keep so close,
To your heart as I do,

There will never be enough time to say,
"How much it means",
To see your words and know that you are ok,
Distance is a man-made lie, as time,

Let us cherish the message across the electricity,
And remember who we,
Among and in between the words,
That we always write to each other,
Dear Sweetie Pumpkin,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 757 times
Written on 2007-02-09 at 01:34

Tags Longing 

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words truly have a way of making us happy or sad...i am glad that our words to one another have always been encouraging and full of love....you mean so much to me my sweet prince and friend, a truer heart who can find in you brian.


Kathy Lockhart
Sweet words of encouragement and adoration.
It is what lies beneath, in between, and behind the words that actually create their meaning. Nicely done.