She was a real beauty and what a star

just like Richard Marx  

'Am I slowly going insane' ? 

Still In love With Katherine by M.A.Meddings

I am still in love with her
After all this time
For no other girl
Had me standing in line
She has been doing it for me
For quite awhile
The laughing eyes
The beautiful smile
And oh how her freckles
Brightly shine
The girl in my heart
For all of the time
There is no place
That I can turn
To forget the beauty
 Of Katherine Hepburn

Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 596 times
Written on 2007-02-11 at 11:57

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Love this poem! It's so right on. Love the lady it's written about. She too is so right on. A sweetheart, a brain, a talent like no other. Independent, unassuming, strong willed, soft hearted, a joy to watch and listen to. I've loved her since I was a little girl.

Rob Graber
Had you "standing in line" indeed... clever and funny!

Kathy Lockhart
this flows beautifully with such a grace just like Katherine Hepburn. I love watching her old movies when i can catch them. I can hear Humphrey Bogart calling her, "old girl" in the movie African Queen. (one of my favorite movies). And she and Spencer Tracy had such a love story between them. Quess Who's Coming to Dinner that another one i loved and then On Golden Pond with Henry Fonda. She was a talented, beautiful woman from her youth all the way until she died. She is one of favorite actress' of all time. Well written and much admired by this Katherine. : ) xx

oh, she was such a beautyful woman and she was one of my favourite actresses as I grew up loving her movies sent on TV ...she had such talent and such a wonderful strength around her acting ... not a person being told this and that and doing it ,,, no a woman of her own ...that is what I saw and I belive she is subconscuiosly one of the female roll -models that I have life .. my grandmother on my mothers side and my mother are the two others ... so I applaud your text ... not only for being nicely written and a lovely read on a sunny sunday in winter ... but also for letting me remeber the feeling around Katherine Hepburn,,,the way she was an actress ,.... A star .!!!

And so far I have not found anything that tells you are going insane ... not in this text ... but then I might not catch the subtility hidden in the line :))