Then we will know

I think that life
Is not so simple at all
And if you've even promised
Me something
You don't have to keep this
If you don't really feel
That you want
After a while
I'll understand this
My beautiful man
You know that I think
You are wonderful one
You know that I want
You to come
But I realized again
That life is open wide
Just before your sight
And maybe this way is wrong
And maybe I'm too old
And not this right woman
To you at all
I'm afraid I'd complicate
Your life and your world
I'm afraid I start to love you now
And I don't want
That you regret anything
Especially this
That we have met
And that we feel so good
With it
There is so many
Wonderful girls in this world
You should go to them
You should go and try
Them all
And then you can
Come back to me
If you will feel still
That you want this
And you need
Yes then comeback
And I'll understand you
Without any word anymore
And we will just hold each other
And kiss
and we will know
We will know
What love is.

Written by Anna Cellmer

Poetry by anna3
Read 706 times
Written on 2007-02-12 at 12:24

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we are never too old where love is concerned, just too scared i think to commit where it matters. love is free, though we find ourselves chained to it.