This one is based on recent events that are still recurring and yet to be resolved!!!

False Creeds

It just isn't the same anymore,
We became and are now,
Brothers at arms,
If we ever we, brothers,

We said and did things we were,
And never will be, proud of,
But all in all, we kept up appearances,
For the public,
And I guess now, that's gone,
All is left is a confrontation that's gonna come,
And with it,
The end of what was and probably,
Never was,

I guess the hardest thing to do,
Is to save a friend by hurting another,
But it must be done,
There is no satisfaction of watching,
One friend being hurt by another,

To love, honor and cherish,
In sickness and in health,
That's what they say, I guess,
But what happens when the split occurs,
There is more than splinters and sawdust to deal with,
There is the problem of letting go,

Sour and vain becomes of loss of love,
And then an illusion of never-ending retribution,
That is not only not belonging to you,
But it's been said before,
You can't take back what has been erased,
Not with vengeance,
Not with threats,
Not with violence,

Where are the creeds that we clung to so long ago,
There were more than words way back then,
Now, they're just fading ideas,
Replaced by people forced,
To take sides,
To make hard decisions,
To decide what to keep,
And to miss,
What we choose and try to lose,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 552 times
Written on 2007-02-19 at 11:39

Tags Creed 

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