Little Devil.

Little devil,
so close to me,
don't let me be.

When the night comes around,
and stars shine so bright.
Don't be afraid when the little devil comes around,
just to touch you in this night.

A little devil with red and black lips,
dark eyes and with no clothes.

When the little devil is there,
just let yourself go.
Because I just wanna do what i can,
and doesn't can.

I wanna take you to the big bed and let my magic work on you.

Little devil,
so close to me,
don't let me out, when I'm here.

Little devil,
that strange kind of love.
My other personality.
Little devil,
you're what I don't dare to be.

Words by Miss unknown
Read 770 times
Written on 2005-10-28 at 11:36

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