Finding the "matter" of the trust.


There's nothing like,
A good poker game with my buddies,
Dignity, Morality and Respect,
Point of view plays the House,
To all that we choose to deal with,
The endless parties,
With Shame, Arrogance and Punity,
But all we do is smile,
And wonder, not of "why" anymore, but,
The "matter" of it all,

We believe in the truth, yes?,
But what has become of it?,
When you add " a point of view" to it?,
Is it just to know everything?,
From the bloodshed to the shaving incident?,
We can say that "they" have lost their minds,
But what does that say about us listening to that,
With judgments based on none other than,
A point of view?,

Keeping you informed has turned to,
Keeping you annoyed,
And devoted cynics to all that is real,
A little bit, that's all that is left,
Of the truth and the lie,
Because we made it,
To cover our eyes from the reality of things,

We're already awake,
We just are so hesistant to react,
And if we do, it's always on the defensive,
Nothing but "catch-up",
We didn't lose, we just choose not to win,
Because, to certain point of view,
What is it worth to win quickly?,

We need spotlights more than ever now,
For every moment we need to known for,
And then enraged when they are everywhere,
We have forgotten our very first reporter,
The results,
Wasn't it the results that exposed Adam and Eve unto God?,
That exposed Sodom and Gamorra? (I hope I spelled that right),
And that exposed our ignorance to understand right from wrong?,

But that's the name of game for us,
Based on a point of view,
We all play our hands, blindly,
And choose to understand barely, nothing,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2007-02-21 at 04:29

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Excellent deduction holms!lol You set the scene so well and you are right, the American people are fearfull of being seen as losing and yet can feel their own losses building daily. It is up to the younger generation to force change of ideal on true strength imo. A couple of words missing, but that may be just how you say it in your neck of the woods.

Go man go...

Smiling at you,


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wow i like ur style it is very unique. Wonderful i like it

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Excellent!This one feels like the confession of a stand - up comedian!*storm of applause*