Time grows on every man,
Man tries the make of it the best he can.


A word that never stops ticking,
Clocks the highest in the world watch!

Time that goes on endlessly,
Time that never stops.

Time that never stays a minute,
Time that never waits.

Time, when hard, can be so cruel,
Time when happy, elates.

Time razes mighty fortes to ground,
It sows thorns in king's crown.

Time sees every thing go by,
Misses nothing, though always on flight.

Time can powder hard rocks to dust,
Time can erode solid iron to rust.

Time can be your worst enemy,
Time can be the best of friends.

Time can change the course of rivers,
Time can make the deserts shiver.

Time can be a bed of roses,
Time can be a crown of thorns.

Time can fell the mightiest nations,
From dust can craft most beauteous creation.

Time can sometimes stop for you,
When you wait for your beloved.

Time can fly so fast for you,
When you're on a rendezvous.

Time can make moss grow on palaces,
Time can render barren green gardens.

Time can be a balm to your sores,
Time can deal severest of blows.

Time is the most sought after commodity,
Time can take you from here to eternity.

Time heals the deepest of wounds,
Time deals deepest of wounds.

Time keeps you on your toes,
Time is money; time is foe.

Time, when it will change its mood,
Beware, you might never know!

Time is wonderful; time is beauty,
Time is cruel; time is ugly.

So, beware of time my friend,
Never, ever take it for granted!

Never, ever play with Time!
Never squander away your Time!

Never mock the time's potential,
Never doubt its possible might.

Time is a desert vast, an ocean deep,
Time is shallow; Time is a creep.

Time; never undermine its value,
Hark! Listen to its chime!

It keeps on ticking away in you,
It keeps on ticking away from you.

Time keeps a vigil all the time!

Time is this and much more,
We can never reach its core...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright ©: Zoya Zaidi

Calligraphy: 'Time' -Concept of Time in Shakespeare's Sonnets (Each swirl here is aline from a sonnet of Shakespeare's...) by and ©: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 839 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 22:02

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dear sister, forgive me for taking me so long to read this beautiful sample of your wisdom! you are so right, time grows in everyone's soul, and it is with our lifes that we water its roots...
brilliant expression of life philosophy!
Lilly xxx

Amanda K
that's a masterpiece Zoya. you played with the word time and described it differently through out the poem .i wished time didn stop so i remained reading your poem for ever. i love the theme and what does it indicate. time is so precious and as the Arabian proverb desribes it " time is a sword if you don cut, it will cut you" meaning that we should take all the opportunites at time and take advantage of the time we are spending on Earth. otherwise, time will pass when reached nothing.

Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with love,,,

Such wide and great description of this what sometimes we care too much of, sometimes try to stop, sometimes try to forget at all, Wonderful write dear Zoya

Using time to read this was not a waste at all!
a superbly written text! it must have taken some time;)
well spent time!
great text!


lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
this is a wonderful poem zoya and so well crafted well done rgds mike

tempus fugit. time's an illusion, its wings spread centuries. i think i have time on my hands. a good poem.