...seldom we do hear from inside our own ear

The Rhythm and the Note

I have found my way
It comes day by day
Like ways of sunshine
So hard to define
In the pleasures inside
Those from the out hide
To give us something more
Than the ordinary core

Rain flowers of the in
Lines drawn so very thin
Of feelings to unfold
That reality wouldn't hold
Somewhere in the deep
That in the self's a sleep
And wakes to give again
The flickers of each yen

I have found the hour
The long forgotten flower
That I thought was lost
From the outside exhaust
The turning of each dote
The rhythm and the note
That seldom we do hear
From inside our own ear

Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
Read 1307 times
Written on 2007-02-28 at 17:47

Tags Ear  Own  Rhythm 

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a good piece, we all have our own music to give us balance, the inner voice rests inside the inner ear.