It is possible I suppose to make love, just with the eyes. Just for two lovers in silent awe to become so engrossed in the beauty of their love that they ultimately create spontaneous combustion.  


Spontaneous Combustion by M.A.Meddings

This fire
Overwhelms us
As our eyes meet
In burning desire

It holds us both
As moths to a flame
In this mutual watching game
You on me I on thee

And in silent awe we seek
What our eyes provide
Afraid to speak
For fear of spoiling
These precious moments

And we go on
Longing to touch
In gentle adoration

Your splendid breasts heaving
As this tempestuous conflagration
This sensual adulation
Takes us over 
Silent lovers

There is no release 
No escape nor hiding
As our eyes do their bidding
Make love to me say thine
How I want to say mine

Touch me in your dreams
hear my gentle screams
Of ecstacy 
Dont stop my darling
Just watch

Just see how I burn
Watch how I move and turn
And how our eyes explorate
This mind game


Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 435 times
Written on 2007-03-01 at 13:30

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i'm suddenly
how in the name of the lord did you manage to surprise in such a gentle manner the love one look can express?! you made pure art out of these words...i'm enthralled here...
Lilly xxx
P.S.: and indeed, making love just with the eyes can be such a burning experience!...

You got it beautifully in one Mike!lol I have been getting it for years now and so blessed I feel!lol Ultimate buzzer...Tai

I smiled when I read how many have read this poem today and no doubt the birth rate worldwide will increase because of you! Ah, the sweet wonder of it!

just wondering why you capitlised the word holds in the second stanza? i have a poem with this same title, though mine is a darker piece on love. a good poem here.

Kathy Lockhart
I gulped and then I took a breath and then I read it again. Truthfully I have read it about 5 times. Be still my heart. Is it warm in here or is it just me? No, its this poem...its on fire! xxxyb

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Innocent erotica? Can that be? You've brought lust into the minds of others. Brought it skillfully but without the usual tactics, no vulgarisms, no profanity. Yes, I guess it can be. But then there is the issue of lusting in ones heart for someone we shouldn't be lusting after, someone that is already spoken for. Quite a delimma you've got the reader in here. A tribute to the power of your poem. WARNING: GET YOUR SPOUSE IN YOUR PARTNER BEFORE READING THIS BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE MOVED IN A VERY SENSUAL WAY!

and in total agreement with Aliena I say just that .... true ...!!!

and you write of it in your gentle and yet strong way ....

best wishes

I can only say this one word: true!