A simple description of love

Helplessly by M.A.Meddings

If I tell you
That I love you
Is that so wrong
If I say there is no one
Makes me feel like this
Would my words belong 
Inside your heart

Would they even begin
To explain
In all but name
Just how I worship you
Are my words so sinful
So inappropriate 
To all around
That I dare  not sound
The very use of them

If I use them
Once again
Would it explain
In simple terms
How my heart yearns
For you

For in all these things
I dare to do
One simple fact remains
Do you not see
Just how I love you



Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 515 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 13:20

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betsy Firefly
Hopelessly...? No!

we often find ourselves in the situation of not being able to use words to fully express how deeply we are in love...unfortunately, very few of us understand that this very simplicity should be everything: the words "i love you" should be more than enough for the other one to understand how we feel, for they define the supreme feeling in this univers...enjoyed VERY MUCH reading this...
Lilly xxx

Very gentle expression beautiful touching and nice, I love your write

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I adore the sweet simplicity of this. It sounds so young and so innocent. It captures the purity of untarnished love, love without complications and overthinking. Just love.

Today I gathered up a list of fabulous adjectives to use in comments and none of them quite describe how splendid this love poem is!

Your poems telling of tender love always carry this soft feeling that is equal to love in its most beautiful meaning .. your words makes life a brighter and more hopeful place......

they flow and seem to be woven together in the beginning of time ...... never to be broke apart

a beatuiful poem one amongst many from your pen

best wishes

Kathy Lockhart
softly written verse that reveals the strong feeling of love. As I read this out loud the flow soothed me, the words wooed me, and I sighed in complete awe of this beautifully expressed poem.

Karen Canning
A totally piece of devoted love poetry makes the soul smile, I love your use of words