I found this poem I wrote over two years ago when my good friend Char suddenly passed away. I met her at an Air Force Base 30 years ago when my husband and I moved in next door her and her husband. She welcomed us by bringing over a chocolate cake.

My Dearest Friend

The first time I met my dearest friend, I was cradled in the arms of my mother.
I looked into her clear blue eyes and knew, in them, lived another.
I saw the love of my friend beam through the tears of joy mother shed,
They dropped like blessings from a Heavenly shower and kissed my newborn head.
I saw my dearest friend again when my father looked at me,
And raised his hands in gratitude that I was meant to be.
I saw the commitment of my dearest friend on my fathere's face that day,
It said I would not be lost in the world; my friend would point the way.
I saw my dearest friend each day in people I knew and loved,
My friend directed their hearts to know when I needed a laugh or a hug.
My dearest friend appeared one day as a young woman with a chocolate cake,
She said I was welcome to her heart, where a special place I'd take.
My dearest friend abided there in the woman's beauty and grace,
I felt my friend when I heard her voice and saw Him on her face.
My dearest friend show's His love, through those who are willing to be,
Vessels of His mercy and grace and Char has been that for me.
My dearest friend has called his vessel, to come home for her reward.
As she runs into the arms of God, she will call to him, "My Lord!"
He will say to her, "Rest here Dear One, your work on earth is done.
And there she awaits us all, with my Dearest Friend, God's Son.

Sonnet by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 662 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 23:13

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Phyllis this is lovely tribute to Char. It speaks your heart. And, you find comfort in knowing that you will see her again. Beautiful

Judy T Lloyd
This is very beautiful and I am glad that I read it as March 15, 2001 my mother slipped the surly bonds of earth and went home. What a wonderful tribute to your dearest friend.