Why not? I had to give it a try sooner or later.


The blade needs sharpening after frequently being used. The knife is in my hands only seconds after I turn the lock. No vacant space - I pull up the other sleeve. This is going to be difficult. My left hand is untrained for this.

As metal reaches the skin, i feel the cold and shiver. Goosebumps appear. I'm turned on and ready. Carving the flesh, revealing the stream of almost ivory blood. My body is filled with satisfaction. A non-sexual orgasm. Releasing the most complicated thoughts, letting them out in the fresh winter air. My window is open.

Another fitting spot. Closer to the beat of life further down. Will I reach down there today? Again I'm drained. No more cuts. The sharpeness is put back in hiding. Slevees covers all. Door unlocked.

I lie down. Feel the tranquility within. I'm calmed. Asleep.

Words by Tiffany
Read 562 times
Written on 2007-03-10 at 02:45

Tags Dsh  Parasuicide 

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Nice text, after necessary corrections. Really gives you the creeps this one.

You should seek help if you are actually doing this.

nife - knife
sleves - sleeves?
ah cutting, it is not the answer in the long term. a good piece.