I feel sad =(

In My Sanctuary

The abyss
Further down this time
They tell me to look up

Where's up?
Any given direction
Darkness surrounding

The only light I see is the reflection of the blade
The only thing I can rely on
Is the pouring of the blood
My life running out of veins
It's still there, so I can't be dead

Am I not dead? In that hell you always mention?
This is life?
Shivering heart
Vanishing soul
I was born for this?

My mind flees this world sometimes
But still return to collect it's body
Leading it closer to the ledge, night by night
My favorite bridge
The darkness of water feels like home

Forgive me all friends, even the liars
Waste no tears on me
Remember me as I was
Before I discovered life

Poetry by Tiffany
Read 1248 times
Written on 2007-08-22 at 19:50

Tags Loneliness  Depression  Suicide 

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