Where do we go from here......


As I walk barefootd on the toils of the earths moist,
the silent cries of our once forgotten faith pierces my
As the pain from the forgotten path we once shared in joy
unveils through the breath that flows from the depths of her being
penetrates my own.
When she touches my hearts core i feel her pangs in agony
of the turmoil where once a love of bond so great we shared.
To know that to go back to mother earths yeilding arms to know and understand that all compassion lost can be regained.
As her love has ceasessly in revelations blessed lifes continious
glow in yeilding love and show.
For in our transformations glory bestows the reflections we
consciously ignore.

Poetry by angelwings
Read 809 times
Written on 2007-03-10 at 16:19

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this one still takes my breath away!!!!!

im breathless