Is It Fate or Choice

A Dog's Life

While on its contents my fond graze lingers
with greedy hands and grimy fingers
I rummage through the rubbish heap
For what I find here i can either eat or keep
Yesterday,maybe it was your broken toy
Although discarded,today it brings me much joy
Stale crumbs fit only for a dog I manage to gather
In an effort to keep my body and soul together.
To ease my hunger,I swallow these with my pride
And lie down on the pavement hard where you stride
While am still hungry dog stares,silently accusing the hood
Now shamelessly guilty of stealing his food.
On this cold and unforgiving night
with the cruel elements I put up a brave fight
In tattered rags from the rain and sleet.
The biting cold air
Blows across my body bare
Chilling my bones and blowing precious sleep away
But the forgiving dog curls up and decides to stay.
Pondering over my sad plight
I try to put my fears to flight
But with none to comfort me,I break down and weep
While my tear soaked eyes try hard to fall asleep.
But thanks to my empty belly, wide-awake I remain
Dreaming of princes,palaces and a life without hunger
and pain
Till kind-hearted weariness sings a silent lullaby and
closes my eyes
At last coaxing gently sleep to ease my sobs and sighs.
Spurned and shunned by all those with better fortune
As I wake up and try to look away from my own misfortune
Huddled beside me I see a pal worth his weight in gold
And I am now overcome by gratitude untold.
As for this weary pur
With neither flesh nor fur
By sharing its food and warmth without a sigh
Has now become my only friend under the sky.
There isnt much difference between us you see
Ordained by the kind maker,this is the way our life
has to be
And changing what seems like fate unkind is just a
vain bid.
For he is a street dog and I'm a street kid.

Poetry by angelwings
Read 865 times
Written on 2007-04-16 at 12:38

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deeply written my friend