What mostly is veiled from being more the expectations fullfilled.

Hands of Time

Amidst lifes cobblestones paved in the various classes defined
of integrity dignigied.
of white stallions knights in armour and safer havens in sought
of traquility bliss and unified bonds.
of peppercorns and unicorns in shimmering hues of gold
of music pulses and throbs infinity crowns it all.
Yester years dreams tomorrows hopes grand vision hold the quests to relive rewrite each chapter anew.
morning dew and passion for life intensifies me with such zeal
where i have wished upon falling stars and those fixed in their
constant spaces.
i have winked t the moon and at her radiant face of hallo grace
i bow to the sun and exchange vows of impending states
waltz tango and rumba star in my own westside space.
Listen keenly to the secret whispers of rustling leaves and every twigs
Have sat by the seashore watching each ebb in flow all in question
of every intricate process involved watching close captioned clouds
for answers of life's crazy dance as slowly the ecstasies in the distant
horizon the sunsets in to awake again to lifes expected

Poetry by angelwings
Read 735 times
Written on 2007-03-11 at 18:14

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