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There isn't a monster on this earth,
That we didn't to create, in some way,

I'm still trying to come to grip,
With a proven fact,
That even the most vicious people,
When faced by the oppressed,
Are mothing more than cowardly lions,
But yet, they still pose a threat,
Not becuase of their state, but for their existence,
Bullies, they swing,
We promote through fear,
We stand together in protest,
Their bite weakens until there's nothing left,
But a proud whimper,

As our symbols are raised up high,
Where will we place our pride?,
As American or as people with our opinions?,
Well, let's mesh,
As an American, a promise has been fufilled,
But with strings attached, and more mixed reviews,
Than a movie preview,
As a person, you didn't like it,
But you stood by your leader,
And for every fallen soldier, you feel that pain,
But, either out of reluctance, thought or pride,
You will not point the finger,
Because the blame is just as much, yours,
You were pushed to pull the trigger,
And though you missed the target,
You hit the entire tree,

You couldn't say no,
But you didn't know how or when,
To say "why"?,
Or even say "Prove it"?,

You don't clean a mess,
By smearing it all over,
Or by choosing "All of the above",
In the land of solutions,
The solution lies within the mess,
What is it?, How was it made?,
What are our resources?, What are our obstacles?,
We are beyond "walking away",
And maybe beyond "playing the judge",
We finally know what Frankenstein,
Realized too late,
Radicalism and Rationalization are not the same,
And none should be made without thinking, and especially,
It's harder to be happy, that's why we envy, then later, realize,
It's easier to make a monster, that's why we cheer, then later, fear,
And everything will be documented,
In grace and full detail,
On cooked wooden pulp,
For everyone to see,
Revered and maybe reconsidered,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 648 times
Written on 2007-03-12 at 04:33

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great piece, very applicable to our present day.