Do not know if I shall laugh or cry,
I just want to lay down for a while
So many feelings at once

Hate and love
Happiness, sadness and anger
Filling me from the bottom too the top
Oh, please, you've got to stop

Like a demon you haunt me,
Torture me from the inside and out
I pray upon a star,
That this will not go on

What can I do?
Just sit back and watch the show
Is it too late,
To say farewell?

I'm trying hard,
To mend the pieces of this broken heart
But you keep ripping it apart
How will I go on,
With you chasing me everywhere?

I try to run,
But I seem to always end up in your arms
Why did you choose me,
And not somebody else?

Give me a break,
So I can catch my breath

Stop whispering those words in my ear,
I do not believe in them anyhow
Stop with your magic,
That keeps me by your side

A simple touch on my hand
And I can not get away
A kiss on my lips,
And I fall into your arms once again

Try honesty for once,
Do not tell anymore of your lies
Try to really care,
Do not just walk away

I can not get away,
I need you even though,
You are hurting me so bad

How can you be so cruel,
When you can see me suffer so bad?
Why don't you let me be,
So I can be free?

You are enjoying this,
To see me fall apart
When will you end,
This stupid game?

Jasmine T. Turandar

Poetry by Jasmine T. Turandar
Read 504 times
Written on 2007-03-12 at 17:59

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