The lost

The fear of loosing you,
Made me the way that I was
There is nothing to do about it now,
I've already lost you

I've lost everything
My heart, my soul, my life
Gave it all to you
I am nothing but an empty shell

But if I could turn back time,
You might still stand by my side
And I'm truly sorry if I've hurt you
But you've hurt me too

We both made mistakes,
There is no shame in that
But was my mistake really that bad,
When you took me for granted?

I can feel the tears,
But they never show
I'm wounded and broken
Your love for me was never equal

Oh, would you please,
Return all those things you took from me
I believe I need them to survive
Otherwise I might just die

© Jasmine Törnetoft Turandar

Poetry by Jasmine T. Turandar
Read 764 times
Written on 2007-07-13 at 23:06

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Jason Monroe
Wow! Very nice piece there Jasmine!

"Oh, would you please,
Return all those things you took from me"

Sometimes the things that are taken from us allow us to learn and be stronger for future experiences. A dear friend of mine wrote, "we gain strength when we are hit with another blow". These words ring so true.

Powerful, frank writing...nice work!

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there really isn't any pain more painful than a broken heart.
You've described it very well here, the emotional pain reaches through the screen getting a grip on its reader.
It's very easy to relate to this text, think all of us have gone through this at least once in our life-times.