Is this the end

What happened with our love,
Which grew so strong?
What happened with you my dear,
Who kept me alive for so long?
What happened with me,
Who used to smile by your side?

Our feelings are no longer,
As strong as they once were
We'd better stop trying,
There is no point anymore

We each went our separated ways,
A long time ago
But why are we still,
Holding each other's hands?

We do not need each other anymore
The feelings went away,
Along with the love and passion
Or do we still need each other,
Once again?

Oh, please
Give me an answer
My thoughts are driving me crazy
You lay there so sweet,
And you have no idea of what,
Is going through my mind

How can I still accept you,
When you have hurt me so bad?
How can I still let you stay close,
When I know my feelings are long gone?
Why do I not, say goodbye?

You will not give me,
The one thing I want the most
You hardly know me these days
There is a enormous space between us

Why do I stay by your side?
Is it the stupid hope again,
For you to change,
Which lures me to stay by your side?

Lovely sweet, do not wake up yet
I do not want you to see me cry,
For a reason I can not explain

I doubt at your feelings,
Everything would be much easier,
If you just told me,
What is crossing your mind

Do you still love me?
Do you still want me?
Do you still wish for a life with me?

Help me get real
This is all just so confusing
I am lost in my own thoughts

Do I still love you?
Do I still want you?
Do I want a life together with you?

Why can I not,
Feel any kind of feeling,
When it comes to you?
Is it not,
Best for us both,
To say farewell?

© Jasmine Törnetoft Turandar

Poetry by Jasmine T. Turandar
Read 646 times
Written on 2007-05-13 at 19:19

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It sounds like it might be a good idea...a very sad poem, but one to which i am sure we can all relate. Lovely work.