based on childhood visit to Richmond deer park, part of a series of poems of childhood.

Deer in the Park

Loosely entwined
By early morning mist,
I saw her.
Graceful neck and speckled back.

Fur like liquid chocolate.
Lashes thick and curling
Framed her gentle pools.

Each morning I returned
And sat on the glass green slopes.
I watched her
And loved her with my eyes.

Now, I moved nearer,
Hearing my quickening breaths
Play a duet with my heart.
I stood with the trees
Suddenly she saw me.

Amidst the wings of birds,
Limbs trembling and head thrown back,
With three long light bounds
She was gone,
And the mist,
Like a soft white curtain,
Closed on me.

Poetry by vicky vixen
Read 830 times
Written on 2005-11-06 at 10:12

Tags Childhood 

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Vixen's Cub
Unlike others, the phrase 'Fur like liquid chocolate' to me is not the best part of the poem.

[i]And the mist,
Like a soft white curtain,
Closed on me.[/i]

Entralling. It implies something I can't put my finger on.. But well done!


John Ashleigh
For a may moment I thought I was sitting amongst the mist and afront of the liquid-chocolate deer.

Brilliant vix!

John xx

Excellent (fur like liquid chocolate) beautiful what an image to project.