My favourite "island in the sun".

Langkawi Island

The sun's rays on the salt water
Light the shallow corals
Into a thousand crystal corridors.
Fish in every shape and colour
Parade pathways in the sea.

Wooden huts on stilts dot
Beachside hills and long grass,
Shaded by the occasional tall coconut tree.

Snad like pale gold silk
Greets the ever changing tide
That brings tiny clams and shellfish
To burrow holes in the sand
So that they may hide.

The soft voices of the sea surround
The canvas of greens and blues,
With every sunrise and sunset,
The rhythm of the island

Poetry by vicky vixen
Read 796 times
Written on 2005-12-02 at 02:32

Tags Beach 

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you paint a beautiful picture ,, loved this keep em coming ,,Eddy

This is something i can associate with personally as having been there, i don't know what it is like now as i was there 35 years ago and it was beautiful then, i hope it is still as beautiful as you paint it to be :-)