life's like that

Beggar at the temple.

I lit my incense and paid my respects
At the ancient Buddhist temple.
Tall mozaic ceilings of dragon murals housed
Buddist statues all assembled.

Wishing candles of waxed pink lotuses
Were lit around the altar,
Towers of saffron coloured oil
Burned as prayers for others.

Outside at the doorstep of the Temple
A beggar with his begging bowl.
His beaten hat, his craggy face
Khaki trousers full of holes.

As I passed him sustenance
I asked about his family.
He told me they had thrown him out
Because he was a junky.

I made him promise to buy food,
And not any shortcut to Heaven,
With a grunt he went and bought
A Slushee from Seven Eleven.

It was already quite late in the day,
So I said Goodbye and went home.
I turned back finally to see him chat
happily on his cellular phone.

Poetry by vicky vixen
Read 793 times
Written on 2005-12-04 at 18:20

Tags Beggar 

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Another instance of how looks can be desiving. Good job!

A nice flow visually taking us through the temple, I liked the kick in the teeth at the end but I guess life can be like that