Learner along lifes walks


I am most intrigued by all in experiences that enable me to view
life without being totally consumed by it.
There have been times where I have sought solitude in
my own world where i can bend rules and break laws.
I refrain from being a critic and passing judgements
through observations in understanding that as a willing
learner along lifes many roads mistakes have been my teacher.
I have learnt that beliefs are changeable and faith
immoveable all preceived exasperating events have been reminders calling for change.
I tend to think less like a human as I greatly now understood
that patience tolerance and prayer illumes the darkest corners
within and the flow of exhilarating grace affirms its being.
I have been compelled to compromise and sacrifice for
the highest good of all concerned which has taught me
to grow and review the past as necessary learning tools.
I have gradually mastered the art of silence stillness solitude
in merging with the sacred haven within.
From my understanding of what life be to me is the
stage where I am to fill in the roles befitting accepting all
coincidences are divinely synchronized.
In all graceful and tactful disguises through
time I have found my most precious space within.

Faint and weary dost I grow in wait to be consumed by
thine warmth in share to spare of loves graceful ways,
In all thoughts that engulf me be but shadows
in the cold of the nights empty space,
In ache for thine embarace in yearn of loves sweet
caress with each whim that deep within grows
faint in wait,
If this be the term of endurance I will love thee in all sacredness
as distance avails.
Speak thus unto me from thine in depth of heart as the winds
of the night caress in balm to soothe my heart,
In wait for thine in love to behold know within every flow
my love glows.

Poetry by angelwings
Read 748 times
Written on 2007-03-14 at 12:12

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I really enjoyed reading this! Its very well written.
Thanks for sharing,
Keep it up,
And welcome to the bay!

this is so precious and lovely, I enjoyed reading this text :)


Zoya Zaidi
To find your precious space within,
To learn from your mistakes is akin
To godliness my dear friend, this is
How will find, your serenity, peace within...

(((Hugs for sharing your precious thoughts Angel)))
Love, Zoya