This poem is about a girl who has lost everything in life and the only thing she can find comfort in, is drugs..


She was a flower
a shiny star
but her life got ugly
she drove it too far

She started to smoke
loved it when she got high
all alone and by herself
but without wondering why

She wanted something stronger
and started with cocaine
her life got better and better
'cause she did not feel the pain

She flew higher and higher
addicted, but did not care
she had no life anymore
and death she did not fear

She suddenly got crazy
and with a needle in her hand
she knew she had to get away
take a trip to another land

She saw the sky so far way
with a question in her head
the only thing she had in mind
was to paint her gravestone red

Poetry by Foolish
Read 820 times
Written on 2005-11-06 at 23:30

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I have been down that road and thank God that He came to me and made me understand the true meaning of life. Life is wonderful, but drugs can eliminate all the true feelings for life...Read some of my poems and you will understand...Thanks for sharing...