Our new start


I give you my broken heart,
I let you see my inside stripped.
This will be my new start,
I will never again let myself be whipped.

I beg you to hold onto my hand,
as we together march into the unknown.
Ahead of us lies a mysterious land,
without each other we will drown.

Until now we have both lived in pain,
as if every single day was the end.
Naked and exposed to the acid-rain,
that caused wounds impossible to mend.

Fallen from the stars up above,
until today you thought you were alone.
Innocent and fragile as the white dove,
this world made you hard as stone.

Give me your broken heart,
let me see your inside stripped.
This will be your new start,
I will never again let you be whipped.

Poetry by Freeman
Read 852 times
Written on 2007-03-16 at 08:27

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