You can tell the girl not to act emo, but you can't take the emotions from the girl...

Ode to a Fantasy...

Your soft whispering tickles my ears as you announce your departure. I feel the need of your lips near mine before I fall back asleep.

You run your tongue across my mouth. The goodbye kiss.

He kills the silence with a scream not ment for wordly description. Throwing knifes at my ears. Making the surroundings bow down at his mere presence.

My being hardens. Protecting itself from what is outside. Nothing will matter - best to follow orders. Brain on auto pilot. Do not speak until spoken to. Silence is my friend. Helps me through. Say whatever is nessecery. Only that. Cause no argument. Provoke no anger.

A window.

That's how you fell into my life. By accident, chance, dare I say destiny? No, I fear the word.

Circuts and nets, tied us together. Despite all the world's madness. Unjustice, then completly justified. For haven't I earned you through these years spent in pain?

I will not try to make sence of this. Such godness you bring my life - I'm afraid I'll jinx it.

We disappear. By car - into the black. Linked forever and a day.

Words by Tiffany
Read 869 times
Written on 2007-03-17 at 20:32

Tags Love  Dreams  Salvation 

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I have some difficulties understanding this text as well. I'm like: who is this he-guy.. Seems like a mean boyfriend or a father-figure - I can't figure it out..