Sometimes silence speaks what words cannot express.

Serenity's Voice

the silence holds our voices
mute without a sound
faces speaking love songs
smiles reveal what's found
in those quiet moments
as eyes enter eyes
serenity doth cover
we lovers upon the ground
wrapped in our union
entranced beyond all words
enraptured by this feeling
that permeates around
the times we are together
in wordless harmony
captivated prisoners
within our love

kathy lockhart


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-03-23 at 03:44

Tags Silence  Romance  Love 

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serenity spoke here for sure... that's exactly the word i would have used to describe the feeling your poem created within... makes me think of that silence you can share with a person where discomfort is a total ghost and unfelt... being able to share that kind of silence with someone, there's nothing that compares to it... that's what your text made me think about... words can certainly be superfluous in certain moments... well captured, and very beautiful... i enjoyed this :) *hugs* xx

Karen Canning
this one speaks volumes, is woven and wrapped in love


Phyllis J. Rhodes
Oh, I can just see two lovers, deeply in love staring lost into each others eyes, smiling in contentment, feeling safe with their deepest feelings shared. A wonderful scene here, a wonderful write.

wonderfully written

i think serenity has the confussion and all the noices that we can not hear.''The silence hides the untold words'' :) (my poem: lost dreams in the night)


yes to be wrapped in this way, is the only way. Serenity comes within those words never needing to be uttered. Love needs no words and the eyes express so perfectly. I shine when I think of my loves. Smiling at you, shining right now, Tai in love

Absolutely beautiful, some actions are louder then words.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
the power of the eyes to express what is in your heart and in your mind does often transmit into a beautiful tinglingof the body and bring peace
i see the eyes of a beautiful lady in my dreams and know exactly what you mean

minds you come to think of it

you have pretty eyes your self lololol

maybe a kiss sweet miss will melt you heart xxxxxx lololol ylk


wow. beautiful. It is not silence. It is a volcano in offing.Once it errupts tremors are ..................?.

Some things are better left unsaid when the body does all the talking!!!