You know how sometimes you feel the whole world knows what life is about and you are clueless? this is how i felt like.


How is it that they turn stones in the gravel,
And travel through without mishap?
Whilst i fluster about escape,
And am incapable of smothering the demons i face?

Why is it that they found their niche,
And I, Crusoe am oblivious.
A moment of sublimation,
must forever be followed by crucification.

Thats where the blood splatters
And taints your bubble.
Thats where the gore corrodes and tatters
My bridge of conscience, I crumble.
At end, pandora's box ajar,
Shattered, unable to assemble.

Mornings no longer safe,
Nightts no longer humble.

Poetry by Neda A. Hasan
Read 1211 times
Written on 2005-11-09 at 09:54

Tags Lost  Failure  Truth 

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Zoya Zaidi
Again a powerful piece you have a gift keep it up!
xxx Zoya