This is about a person i never knew existed , who i now cannot get off my mind. Eventhough i know he is a bad influence , right or wrong , good or bad has no power to sway this feeling.

Alien Attraction

How is it that It's exixtance
Which possessed no part of me
Revealed itself in magnificent slendour
As fire to moses
And as the grail to jesus
And as Gabriel to the last one
And rattled my whole dimension

Trace , at first
Like the dewdrop that fell from grace
Or was it the molten spark that rose to smother a race?
Who wins is not relevant in this case
Either way, it spread and conquered
May you call it a cancer or the necessary cure
It's rapturous power over me is eons more than i can endure

It is Alien to me, Vital to me, Malevolant to me
And yet i hesitate to accept what has come to be

He is fatal to me

Poetry by Neda A. Hasan
Read 945 times
Written on 2006-02-21 at 10:10

Tags Attraction  Trapped 

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