The moon is full of it tonight

The moon
shines over me.

I'm aware of its stare.

It dances, waving
on the water and we
look at each other
for a long time.

It creeps closer and closer
and finally says to me,

'You know, you'll never
go anywhere
if you keep
trying to step
on the head
of your own shadow...'

Poetry by ardent.March
Read 486 times
Written on 2007-03-24 at 09:04

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hehe... this made me chuckle really... i have the image of a person standing with the light of the moon shining, and them hopping about trying to catch the top of their shadow with their feet, on the ground... was funny in my mind :) well, aside my mind going off hehe... i love the way this is written... i like the moon, and when i read the title i just had to click it, you know :) a wonderful poem... i see the voice of the moon like... maybe a momentary pause that came to the mind while standing outside alone in the night... and in that moment, the character filled it with imagination setting them off into deeper ponderings for how they manage themselves in life or something to that effect... i'd say it's not the moon speaking really, but the voice of conscience coming through... anyway, rambling... but i really enjoyed this... you write well :) :f xx

Kathryn Watson
That title sucked me right in! I too have known nights when the moon was full ot it! Loved it.

Rob Graber
Playful but thought-provoking too. I enjoy especially the echo, in line 11's "anywhere," of the fine internal rhyme of line 3. Very nifty write!

perhaps that is not entirely correct, one might visit insanity lol a good ending especially here i thought.