In Love With A Red Rose

In silence, I watched you in noon day sun,
your scent, I tasted, through evening wind,
it lifted my bloom in morning's dew,
I'm pure as white, in love with you.

Passion bursting, hid within petals,
secrets in longing of blended souls
and heat of a blush from your embrace,
then, plucked at my stem to slender vase.

I felt your presence still near me, though,
there, you shared my waters Heaven!
Deep red you turn my innocent tips
as you graze me softly with satin lips.

{flowers don't last long when up from the ground,
- but these two roses sure stuck around.}

Poetry by ardent.March
Read 925 times
Written on 2007-05-11 at 10:05

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every time i read your poetry, i really can't help myself feeling a smile... it's so beautiful... this one is tender and dreamy... the flower brings an image of a delicate undescribable beauty shared in strength... and them having stuck around makes me think of the flower how it usually wilts away when the good weather goes... could be a metaphor for the passages in one's life - good and bad, these two flowers stuck it out... well there goes my mind again lol :) a pleasure to read you again... welcome back :) *hugs* xx

Another skilfully written piece, and a delight to read.