How music hits me.

What It Does to Me...

The music embraces me,
making me shiver.
The hairs on my lonely body are raised.
Surrounded by share beams of sound.
Penetrating my skin,
causing feet to tap, hands finding face.
Listening to his amazingly beautiful voice,
thanking all my Gods, praising them
for blessing me with ears.

A small drop escapes my eye,
the center of me is paralyzed.
It hurts,
but what a lovely way to feel pain.

Grabbing hold of the bed.
Fearing to be released from my body,
fly out in the coolness of winter.
Growing increasingly warmer,
but still my skin looks cold.

Poetry by Tiffany
Read 678 times
Written on 2007-03-26 at 19:08

Tags Music 

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Bumpy? Haha, that last line made me laugh. Was I supposed to?

Really nice display of your feelings towards music. Dare I ask what kind of music that inspired this? Is this he-guy, with the amazing voice and all someone special? Or is he an artist in a more general sence?