Due to recent events

The Interpreter of the Blame

The fastest fading word after the death of "honesty",
Is none other than "responsibilty",

Hunger is now excess,
And hard is now easy,
To escape, to lie, cheat and even, lose,
And with that, why do we care,
We think we have everything we want,
And desire to get what we want,
But we never enter in, the price,

I have seen people who appear to be adults,
Become children before my eyes,
There isn't a story that they wouldn't make,
A trick that they wouldn't commit,
Just to get away from the truth,
That they are merely action figures and not adults at all,
A figure can't stand on their own,
A figure can't speak for theirselves,
And a figure can't take blame for wrong,

They are and always will be dependent,
On sympathy, pathetic sympathy,
Of strangers who can really care less when it comes to paper,
And it is these that they call, allies, comrades and unfortunately, friends,
And that's where the visually strong one is truly the weakest link,

We are savage who act civilized,
And some are better than others,
But in order to become better,
You must be able to stand for actions commited,
Right or wrong,
If not, what good are you?,
Not to others, yourself?,
I just can't understand where the practice went,
We were raised upon it,
It's all we know and made us strong,
So why do we do everything in our power,
To tear it away from our psyche,
New doen't exist properly unless it co-operates with the old,

It saddens me on all counts,
Bravery is only shown to us on the movies,
The heroes are portrayed as villains,
And the villains are the ones we vote for,
Just for once, I would like to see an adult admit,
Just for once, I want to see someone take responsibility for their own actions,
And just for once, I want to see some one be honest,
Even if it just an interpretation,

The dancer moves with out a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 576 times
Written on 2007-03-29 at 21:38

Tags Blame 

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As always you make your point in a very good write... and yes the word honesty seems to be rapidly vanishing from this world...

To me it seems people are all confused as more and more illusions are shown in the sad fact of being mere illusions..

politicians not holding there commitments for sacred... and such makes some people act as if everything was go... it is sad....

oh, I realise I amtrying to make sense of what I mean and realise that I can't it would take pages.. so I stop... and will just say...

well done and lets all try to bring the word honesty back on the map...

best wishes

I was watching the news last night...they were talking about crime, specifically black on black crime in our city...then they interviewed a man, he was a cab driver...he made no excuses, no accusations...he took responsibility...he chose to make a difference. this man volunteered his time to teach young black children what it is to stand strong and not go down the road of drugs and crime...to be an individual
what a hero this man is
you sound just like him brian:

a man of honor
a man with a poetic heart


Kathy Lockhart
once a lie starts it rolls on like a handfull of snow growing with each turn into a massive ball of falsehood that soon will fall apart as it crashes into the wall of reality.
This is a well written thought stimulating piece Brian.