A beautiful duet with Blue-eyed Soul

Covered and tangled

Green is such a beautiful color to be covered in,
As the sun shines so brightly upon the pollen,
As are we,
Under the sheets, playing hooky,
You don't get times like these so often,
And when you do, you have to take it,
So deliberately and so precisely,
As the pollen spreads so must we,
Tangled upon these lustful sheets,

It radiates the rapture hidden inside, the sunshine,
It reminds us of everything and nothing, but us,
We are beyond this, the rentals, the bon-bons,
And even the words,
It's all about the bodies tangled,
In so many beautiful ways,
Innocently savored, powerfully discreet,
Because this is ours alone,
And for those who pry, here's pollen in your eyes,

Blue is such a beautiful color to be covered in
Like a sky so full of promises and dreams
Blankets of blue cover us, keeping us close
Even when parted between borderlines
We walk toward the hopes of a future than knows not distance
Just like the spring, we like each and every bud become
Something more than green and evolving
We push out of the tangled and covered earth
Vibrant and pulsing life, an orchestra of color
We marvel at what we can create, what we have become
Entwined, exotic, sweetly scented with the fragrance of two

Blue, water, sky, my eyes
Earth, brown, rich, your eyes meet mine
We nourish our souls and provide an environment to grow
Flourish and be a part of something so much deeper than
Sky, earth, water, air, matter
We become spirit, ever seeing, ever touching
Beyond what mind and eye can imagine
We thrive, uncovered, untangled

Red, is a color so beautiful to be covered in
It becomes a shade of bliss
Passion mixes with our breath and we get tangled
In this glorified state of being one
Love and lust reacts together, combines elements
Heart, soul, mind and spirit transcends this place
Heat melds our bodies into one

Colors dance around and become one with the sun,
Just as we do under these sheets,
And then we realize, we belong,
Together and with each other,
Beyond the seasons, beyond time itself,
We will always have this time,
And from this, we will continue to grow

Poetry by Saga
Read 552 times
Written on 2007-03-30 at 04:49

Tags Love 

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Kathy Lockhart
your voices sing beautifully together. It is a beautiful duet of love.

What a beautiful love poem .. filled with the strenght and power of love ... and then the sweet sense of fun ... passion and fun are two great combinations in love ...

well done in this co-write

best wishes

Your encouragement and gentle spirit brought this out of me....you believed in me and just look what we did....thanks brian..it is always my pleasure to create something with you.