I'm bored...

Some Sort of Sex

The lights are out. I find my akward way through the darkness. To where you are lying. I do not stumble.

My hands discovers you. I run them along you thighs and then the rest of you body, as I join you in bed. My arms folds around you - I hold you close, so close that our lips touch. So close I can taste you. Feel how warm you have become.

I feel your touch on my back, as you unzip my white flowered summer dress.

As the moonlight penetrates the curtains, I can see the love in your eyes, the joy in your smile.

I kiss you fast heartbeat. Lead your hands to feel mine. I've never felt a heat like this without the presence of the sun.

Your hands holds my waist as we collide. Breathing harder. Drops of sweat whiped on the sheets.

Letting go of all surrundings. Falling down to earth in complete intoxication.

Words by Tiffany
Read 1059 times
Written on 2007-04-02 at 19:39

Tags Erotica  Sex 

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I do not normally "do" erotica, but I must admit I liked this piece. So innocent, angelic almost...