Time goes by,

Things change,

People change,

Nothing stays the same,

Only things that remain with us are memories.

Memories of some good times,

Memories of some bad times,

Memories of time spent with some amazing people,

And some bad also,

Only things that remain with us are memories.

We remember the time that have past,

We remember the people who have gone by in our lives,

We remember our good old days,

We pray the good times could come back,

Only things that remain with us are memories.

Memories, some sweet, some bitter, some very dumb,

Some of very special people,

Who touch our lives in special ways,

Some of people whom we hate the most,

Only things that remain with us are memories.

Some times memories hurt,

Some times they give us joy,

Some times very small things,

Make the beautiful memories,

Memories are treasure trapped,

In our hearts and minds,

Memories are sacred which belong to us.

Time passes and memories remain,

Only things that remain with us are Memories.

Poetry by amandeep
Read 1268 times
Written on 2007-04-08 at 08:36

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ya..memories are always precious ...time goes by ...and leaves behind the beautiful memories..whenever we look back at them ...we understand the situation better now and from that time .. even if we remember some bad memories.. but when we look back we get something good moments also ..and we get lessons from them .. everytime we look at them we get something new .. and a curve of smile comes to our face .. :)

I enjoyed reading .. :)
Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem .. :)

God bless u

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memories are filled with so much and this is a good expression of life's memories. Well done and many hugs.

Nice Poem, Without noticing your writing and my writing have the same title... I love your writings keep it up:D

Language: 5

Good poem. Very true. No matter how hard you try your memories good and bad are always with you.
Good write!

Overall: 4

Amanda K
that does ring true my dear friend. memories regardless of their quality good or bad and effect hurtful or pleasant reamin with us.
very good theme.enjoyed it

Language: 5
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Mood: 4
Overall: 4

:) lovely :)

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Overall: 5