Tree Of Love

O beautiful tree of love
How majestic are your branches
Reaching toward Heaven's kiss
And in the depths of the earth
Your mighty roots search for the source of life
Drinking from the eternal spring of goodness
Giving of your fruit
To bless those who worship you
I bow down in adoration
And raise my hands in praise of your magnificent glory
Let me rest in the curve of your branches
Embrace me in the strength of you arms
Protect me from the storms of hatred
Lift me up to see the light of world
As a seed you were conceived
In the bosom of God's heart
A thought
A word spoken
A dream of better tomorrows
O beautiful tree of love
Shelter me in your blessed womb
And let me be your child

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-05-02 at 21:23

Tags Life  Trees  Love 

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Amy Valentina
Kathy you are a very good person.As the Bible says that a good person brings out goodness from his store of goodness,your poem shows how good you are...
It is a really beautiful piece.
Lots of love

This is a wonderfull and touching poem
this is so full of life and wisdom.
And - I like the way you sat it up....

For about 5 years ago i wrote a poem about trees
and I have found it and I would like you to read it
because I might have had ( still have )
this special and uniq feelings about tress
as you have here.....

May your day be wonderfull

Tree - I thank you

You big and proud tree
how glad you must be
you prossess so much
knowing the history
whisper the word of wise
sending the warmest energy

your stem so robust
your soul so worthy
to give life and energy
believe - to be that proud

your root so well burried
a basis in mother earth
for even though we cant see
this is your life too

your branches reach up high
to our heavenly father
tells us through hissing
the word of wisdom
you big and proud tree

I thank you

Amanda K

How lovely... I'd love to use this poem as an inscription on something, like a photo of a tree or leaf... gorgeously written. *applauds*

your poem is like a cool spray of water in the hot summer. it gives me positive vibration.

lots of love

M Heathcote
Hi Cath

Another lovely written poem from a masterly pen.
Book marked!

p.s is this not meant to read:

To bless those (who) worship you

As we all will with these sublime texts :)

Amanda K
it was delightful 2 read and look at your poem .so refreshing and true

God bless

it is so nice and very beautiful. smooth and silky........

i would like to save this poem as a book mark because i dont want to miss this precious poetry. it is The Best. i liked it very much.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
The tree of life which God made available to Adam and Eve in the Garden, to give them eternal life. But they chose badly. Then came Jesus and another chance for humankind. This is a wonderful, beautiful, life-affirming, hope-filled poem. Great write.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh to be sheltered and loved - that is what most of us desire in our hearts. A beautiful poem

Elle x

Dan Cederholm

You shelter me oh mighty tree
tree of life, that was given to me
LIFE . . .
What a great poem Kathy . . .


lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine this is a beautiful poem and i feel like offering my services as your tree of love
i have strong arm to hold you a tender heart to enfold you and
a love beyond compare
there i just told you
xxxxxxxx ylk Mike

Zoya Zaidi
Let love embrace you
And shelter you
from all grief;
From all vice!

(((Hugs dear Kathy)))

Love, Zoya