This is for those who still love to play victim instead of standing up and moving on.

No business like "word" business

"If you start a trend,
Don't get upset at where it ends",

You never heard of the guy,
You never saw the guy,
You couldn't even spot him in a line-up,
But now you know,
And you want him to hang,
Over a trend that you, ourselves have started,

It has come to this point,
It has finally come to this point,
If we call each other a name,
And don't shame ourselves,
What gives us the right to curse others?,

We are a proud people, then?,
And we still are, now?,
I hope and pray it doesn't crumble,
Because of "words",

We are better than this,
We are stronger than this,
And if we are,
Why are we not passing it on?,

To even ponder,
At the idea of measuring our self-worth,
To a single individual,
Who obviously knows nothing of our struggle,
Or accomplishments, to say the least,
We, ourselves must not prove,
But yet, stand,
Strong, Firm and unafraid,
Against the petty, arrogant and ignorant,

"Love yourself and the world go 'round",

As Malcolm had stopped being "Negro",
We must stop being "victim",
Crying after every "boo-boo",
And reacting foolishly to every jump,
While at the same time,
Excusing a trend we created,
To continue its profitable,
Yet ignorant path,
It has come to that point,
It has finally come to that point,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 759 times
Written on 2007-04-11 at 15:48

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