I like the first paragraph.. Could have cut the damn thing there, but hey, I needed the whole story.

A Pebble To A Window

"Quick, kiss me", she tells him,
as they hear the car pull up outside.
Their lips collide for a few brief seconds.
Her hand slides up his back.
He must deny her hand the pleasure,
collects his things.
The sounds of others penetrate the thin walls of the house.
His nose picks up on the scent of her neck,
one last time,
before he makes a run for it,
through the back door.

A letter placed in his jacket,
discovered on home arrival,
his tears want to enter the stage of his cheek,
but the curtains are closed.
Opened at midnight,
alone in his bed.
She loves him,
but so fast?
She will leave him,
has a life without him.
Calming her own storms,
before calming his.

Pitch black in her room as well,
the silence is partially interrupted by her,
the quiet sorrow,
of a girl protecting her man,
from herself,
from her history,
from her life and thoughts,
from a bad human.
Unworthy of his love,
can't have him to make her feel better,
she will hurt him,
Rather now than before he falls.

He has fallen.
to convince her,
he won't back down,
he won't grow tired,
he won't do to her as the world has.
He will love her.

The throwing of a pebble on her bedroom window.

Poetry by Tiffany
Read 654 times
Written on 2007-04-16 at 21:07

Tags Love 

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