In many cultures , it is custom to call some adults as either 'uncle'' or ''aunty'' thou he or she is not related. It is an honer to be so called such. I live in the south of England , when I was a child I called meanly aether ''aunty'' or '


When I was but a kid , me mum and dad never understood me,
Just a man we called uncle , who listand to me , who understood,
I'd cry , he'd see me smile at me what's wrong , Lenny lad? (he never got my name right.)
''me dad's at work , I miss him lots'' , '' he on afternoons , Lenny'',
Yus, wont be home fore ages yet' sniff , sniff', '' I'll be in bed when he gets home'', sniff , sniff ,
'' come on in my house , aunty in , have a slice of cake with a glass of pop'',
In we'd go , aunty in the kitchen , '' that you , Frank?'' aunty comes out .

''Hi Benny '' , yes could never remember my name , well could have been worse , one or other could have called me , Jenny!!

''You been crying lad '' , '' what's the problem , Benny lad?'' , It's his dad , he's on affternoons , Beth'' , '' He's missing him '' , '' get him a pease of cake and some pop'' , '' hom, well I think you had the last slice Bob'' my hart sank , aunty was a great cake maker best in our street. '' I'll go and look , Bob'' , ' you sit down , Benny'', Lenny , Benny , what cared I, as long as aunty come's back with a slice of cake , and a glass of pop ,

I sit down , tears beging to slowly coming to an end , nose dripping , sniff , sniff,''
In jiffy , aunty's , back , with a smile, '' your in luck , Benny , just one slice of my froute cake left'' , '' and hears a glass of my dandelion and burdock'',
My favourite's both , I tuck in , crumbs , droping on to the plate , floating in the pop,

'' Mum, at work , Lenny , uncle asks me , '' yup '' , I reply , with mouth full of cake '' yus'' , '' spuds I think mum's on this week'' , munch , munch , drink , swlow, now my tears have stomped , nose now dripping in sympathy with my streaming eyes,

We talk about my day at school , then it's time for me to go, mums due home. I thank them both give aunty and uncle a hug and thank them .

All now happy in my child's life.


( copy righted)

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-04-18 at 16:38

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I enjoyed this. It felt like I was there sort of experiencing childhood again, and the way they called you Lenny and Benny made me smile. My grandpa used to just call me "Babydoll." I guess that didn't require the memorization of names (he had much too many of us for that nonsense!) :)

:) This is a lovely memory my dear uncle. I didn't know that you had an ''uncle'' as I do now(It'S you ,you know :) I am so glad to read a memory of your childhood.

Keep writting :)


Your niece Seda