The Greatest Gift of All

He said to me
I have the Greatest Gift of All for you
and when I asked for it
he said
I already gave it to you
when I loved you
and I replied
that is not the Greatest Gift of All for me
to which surprisedly
he said
then what if not my truest love
to which quite quickly
I mentioned
that He was the recipient those
two too quickly passing minutes
spent with me
with Elena maybe three
and Eleanor then was it four?

He looked perplexed
and asked
with just his dumb expression
what Gift he gave was truly Greatest
if indeed it wasn't love
by him the truest form
in his mind he thought the norm
to give to each with whom he lay
and dared to each one different say
I have the Greatest Gift of All for you
not gems nor jewels nor stately crown
no robes, nor spices, rich of scent
how oft the odors came and went
and gave from me to you the seed
the Greatest Gift of All to you
to satisfy your every need
my giving all of me your due.

Alas, dear fool, if know you must
The greatest Gift of All is trust.

Poetry by NotaDeadPoet
Read 720 times
Written on 2007-04-20 at 05:26

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