Let me go

Please leave me alone
You have only caused me tears
Through all the years I haven't known
Why all these fears

Please don't call me
Or tell me to stay
I just want to run away
But there have to be another way

And I can not forgive you
Though I really want to
I just can not be happy
With you

This is no great love, for I know
That everywhere you'll go
If time can't heal what I feel
Then hurt is unreal

I can not cry my heart out
Or break my soul for you
I'm letting go baby
But I will remember you

And you will stay in my heart
But not so I cry
But you won't be the one I love
Until the day I die

And suddenly I understand
That it will be okay
That I used to love you in every single way
But no longer today

We can not be together
But we can be apart
And if I never hear you
I hear you in my heart

So let me go
Cause you don't know
How you did betray
Even though I loved you in every single way

So please don't call me
Don't knock on my door
Let me go, it's time to see
This is the last part you'll get of me

Poetry by Lena
Read 640 times
Written on 2007-04-20 at 21:54

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What a battle of emotions ... and you have portrayed it well