I have the most wonderful friends in the world. I had to write a poem to them:)

What is Friends?

Friends are people who care about who you are,
not the way you look,
or judge you by you're mistakes,

they are there for you when you are
going trhough rough times,
when somebody is making fun of you,
and they are honest about things,

don't ever lie to one of you're friends,
if you do that you disrespect somebody
who respect you're being

I have been a victim of that,
he said that he was my friend,
and would be there for me when i needed it,
but when that time came,
he backed out,
he said that he don't want to listen,
listen to my whining as he called it,

when he said that,
i felt like dying,
i thought i could depend on him,
but i was wrong.

watch out for people like that,
people who say they are you're friends,
can turn their back on you,
and scar you for life,

that is why i'm dedicating this to MY friends,
I will never turn my back on them ever,
cause I know they won't do that to me,
because i respect them and i honor them
with my life..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 1215 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 21:19

Tags Friends  Friendship 

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aww.. it is so nice to write a poem to your friends!!!! this is a wonderful poem!!!
lots of love from amber lynn